Welcome to LSW!

Lone Star Works was founded by Christian Williams in 1999 as a coaching and training service for cyclists. In that time he’s coached and trained athletes to meet their goals in road racing, cyclocross, triathlon, mountain biking, track racing, and ultra-racing for events such as RAAM, Paris-Brest-Paris and Leadville. Whether your goals are to get that pro contract, podium at nationals, meet the time standard, beat your training buddy to the city limit sign, or simply get to the top of the hill faster than you did before, Christian can help you. Your goals become his goals, and together, you’ll reach them. Look around and see what it is the Lone Star Works offers. And then drop Christian a note or give him a call for a visit to discuss what it is you want or need in a coach or trainer. If he’s not the right one for you, he’ll help you find a coach who is. Really.